Sita Ram Goel
Ram Swarup
This site is dedicated to two great scholars of Indian history, dharma, religion and Indian knowledge systems: Shri Ram Swarup and Shri Sita Ram Goel. These scholars, sages in their own right, are the pioneers who first outlined the differences between dharma and religion and stressed the need to recognize that these were two different categories and are fundamentally opposed to each other.

They stressed that the religious ideologies are intolerant and imperialist and that it is in their very nature to be wanting to destroy the dharmic traditions. These scholars were the first to warn the world that if not checked, the religious traditions could destroy one of the last dharmic traditions on the planet.

The first step to take, in order to save dharmic traditions, is to understand the fundamental differences between them on one hand and religious ideologies on the other.  This website is a humble effort in that direction.